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19th April 2014

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(original by Flikkerlicht. I like my versions best ;) )

Don’t edit people’s art to ad sexist bullshit into them you sack of trash.


"I don’t like equality truly, I wanna be a bigot becuz it’s justified!"

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19th April 2014

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Perfect world according to tumblr. I imagine this is where they are trying to get us to go….

19th April 2014

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(Apologies for the crappy quality)

These are the three armor styles I use for my knight, Sheema.

The first is mostly for PvE in weaker areas, with the Bone Crown, Penal Straightjacket, Engraved Gauntlets, and Lion Mage Skirt. I really like the ‘ragged and torn’ look with it.

The second was for PvE in the later areas, cause I tend to go all in for attacks and end up hurting, so a little more armor doesn’t hurt. Only changing pieces are the Drangleic Mail and the Rogue Leggings.

The last is for Drangleic Castle and onward, full Faraam set, besides the gauntlets, as it’s ability is too good to pass up.

I’m actually surprised how well the Faraam armor covers up her gender.

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19th April 2014

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Shit I hate in Dark Souls

Invaders who bow after:

  • Backstab fishing
  • Attack spamming

I just find it almost more disrespectful to bow after either of those tactics than to taunt with any of the other gestures. Other than the one that involves bowing and pleading. That’s just overkill.

I also have a newfound hatred for the netcode. I was dueling a guy, and every time I rolled and threw my shield up before he swung (I would be completely out of the swing arc) I would take the blow with my shield.

When I hit him? It took half a second for the hit to register damage. Fought the guy twice in a row, and got him the second time cause I was prepared for that crap.

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19th April 2014

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Here’s animations of Marie’s minions I did. When animating the knife wielding guy, I imagined he was old Joseph Joestar’s corpse and I’m pretty sure he’s colored similarly ingame too. Relevant now more than ever with the Stardust Crusaders anime playing now!

In other news, Big Band is coming out April 22 on PS3 and PC! And sooner on 360 maybe! The PS Blog post also has a bunch of Eliza animations I’ve done so check it out!

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19th April 2014

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ughsocialjustice: is this psycho for real? she doesnt even feel any remorse whatsoever and trying to make herself look good.

She really feels no shame, it’s incredible…

She acts as though she isn’t a rape apologist and harasser, not to mention the real origins of the blog.

"I owned* this blog!"

*Stole from the other mods because I’m a fucking bitch

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19th April 2014

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Wow the blog “Stoprapunzel” was trying to force me to delete and now has deleted themselves! LOL I dont and wont back down

A tumblr feminist rejoicing about someone she doesn’t like killing herself

God have mercy on this wretched soul.

Because I sure as fuck wouldn’t.

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19th April 2014

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*deep sigh nine*



*deep sigh nine*

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18th April 2014

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Super edgy pastel graphics telling you how not to be an asshole!

18th April 2014

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It’s a cool place, and they say it gets harder

You’re bundled up now, wait ‘til you get better

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